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5 Dec 2008 I have 2 dogs one Jack Russel Mix who will be 2 years on Dec 10th and a Basenji mix who is 2. I ve had the Jack russell since he was 4
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4 posts - 4 authors - Last post: 8 Oct 2006Does anyone else agree that she looks like she is mixed with Jack Russell ? From reading the Basenjis owner manual she definitely has the
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For those unfamiliar with the breed, the look of a Basenji is I adopted Jack , a Baseni Jack Russell mix 3 years ago when he was 2.
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He was all bluster, and the young ones (and Jack Russell Terriers) seemed to ..... Missy has wanted to someday have a basenji /shiba inu mixed breed dog.
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14 Aug 2008 We know he has jack russell ...and he definatly has the hypernous of a jack russell but im jack russel mixed with basenji an chihuahua
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Adopt URGENT DOWNEY a Basenji , Jack Russell Terrier .... Rawley is about 1 year old and a Basenji Mix . He is incredibly sweet and very quiet - never barks.
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Anyways heathly and looks it has a very curly tail so I think she is a Jack Russell / Basenji mix , but I want to know what yall think that race is.
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19 Feb 2009 is there a word for that? not looking for designer breeds, mix , mutt, cross mutt, mongrel, mixed breed, heinz 57, etc I'd call
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11 posts - 1 author - Last post: 4 Oct 2006As far as toddlers, any dog is a potential bad mix . We have a Basenji / Jack Russell cross. The result is a Jack Russell appearance but
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25 Jan 2010 Jack Russell Terrier. Polly the Puggle! Secondary Breed: Basenji Mixed Breed ? Yes Gender: Female Size: Medium Age: Young
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